Infertility-It’s not a bad word, but please don’t be ignorant!

Let’s say it all together


Ok, are we all a bit more comfortable with the word? It happens. Some of us are lucky and our attempts at getting pregnant happen. Some of us are not so lucky and never do. We may decide on adoption, surrogate or using another persons sperm or eggs. We may even decide to grieve and move in a different direction. It is a personal choice and we don’t need your opinion, especially if you have never suffered from infertility.

Great rule of thumb during the child-bearing years, NEVER assume anyone is pregnant unless they tell you. Please don’t be that fucking idiot that goes around congratulating people or rubbing a belly!

If you do find out that some one is struggling with it, ask them how you can help. Do they need to talk, do they need a shoulder to cry on or just a hug. Please don’t treat them like they have the plague. We still like to come to your children’s parties because that gives us joy and hope.

If we decline an invitation, it may not be why you think. We may have recently found out that a round of treatments failed, or we may be having side effects from them. Again don’t ASSUME.

You can talk to use about your family. You can show us your kid’s school pictures.

Ultimate List of “Advice” I have been given during the 6 years it took us: (Please Don’t Be One of These Assholes)

  • Go on a vacation to somewhere warm and relaxing!~Let’s think about this for a moment. If this was true, why are all the hotels at these resorts not booked? It sure would be a hell of a lot cheaper than the cost of fertility treatments. Unless of course you like to give yourself shots, take meds that make you feel crazy and my personal favorite, all the probes and hands up your Vag!
  • I heard from a friend who heard from their cousin that if you drink pineapple juice or used egg whites “up there” it helps the egg stick.~My first thought was-Who tried this? Was this person standing in their fridge one day and thought this was a good idea? If so should this person really be recreating?
    You are playing God~Here is where I put this argument for the person. If God doesn’t want it to work, it won’t work.
  • Do you know what you are doing?~This was one of my favorites. If the average age is 17 that a young girl is having sex and I am 35 at the time, chances are I know my way around and probably had some restless nights in my teens shitting my pants because I couldn’t remember if I took my birth control or not!
    It took me 6 months to get pregnant,I totally understand!~No sweetheart you don’t. You where probably the one who failed sex-ed in PE. If you just came off a patch, the pill or a IUD-guess what–It’s still in your system you idiot!
  • I went to my doctor and told them it has been 2 years of trying so I could get clomid because I really want multiplies, they are soo cute~I actually thought this was a joke until I found out that people buy and sell these meds on-line for this purpose~Cyber patrol anyone?
  • I am thinking of selling my eggs for cash, you have frozen embryos, why don’t you sell them-they go for around $300,000, then you can go adopt like Madonna or Angelina~That one required me to leave before a physical altercation.

So PLEASE if all else fails, keep your mouth shut and ask someone with a brain if you are put in this situation. And if you are the idiot selling meds and your body parts google KARMA and ETHICS!

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